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Learn the 3-step formula I've used to gain 10 promotions in 15 years & design a winning career strategy to get the job, raise or promotion you dream of.


grow your career 10x faster!

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Are you feeling stuck in your career? 

Tired of putting in 60 hours every week and watching everyone else get promoted?


You know you're meant for more, but everything you’ve tried hasn't worked?


You keep getting feedback that says “you have potential” but you are not sure how to unlock it...

Can you relate?


What if I told you none of this is your fault?

What if I told you there was a secret strategy the top 1% have been using to grow their careers, level up, and earn more, and you could access it today?


You can! I’m the living proof and I'm sharing it with you in Career Success Secrets!

Once I applied the Career Success Secrets strategy everything changed:

✅  I grew my salary 50% with every move

✅  I received 10 promotions in 15 years

✅  Grew from an IC to a VP in less than 10 years

✅  Worked for the best companies in the world (Microsoft, Google)

The truth is...


You can do the same!

Build a career that fulfills you, so you can create a life that makes you happy!  


But don't take it from me:

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"...I had my first manager review ever today. I started really following and executing your advice a few months ago. The result? A raving review that emphasized my increased impact...
Davis Potter, Co-Host, Humanize What You Buy

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"You're the reason I've been able to double, no, triple my income in about 3 years. I went from an IC to now Sr. Dir/VP roles. This strategy is invaluable!"

David 'DJ' Oragui, VP of Growth


"I secured the promotion from my current company (they sweetened the offer a little more) and I'm getting my first direct report, earlier than expected."
"I can't believe everything happened so quickly once I took control of my career and started taking action".

Matt Stocco, Product Marketing, Axonify

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"I was able to shift my mindset from having a hands-on marketer perspective into a CMO mindset, so I could lead marketing with confidence". 

Michal Lasman, Head of Product Marketing

let me guess...

You've already tried so many things and nothing worked!

❌  You worked your butt off but you are not advancing...

❌  You applied for a promotion and didn’t get it… yet less qualified people are leveling up…

❌  You wasted time trying to Google "how to get promoted" and all you get is inspirational fluff?

 You tried networking but it seems like the corporate game is rigged and you can’t win…

If things haven't been working out for you so far...

It's because you are making one of these mistakes:


You are hoping someone else - your company, your manager, karma... will magically give you what you want.

You're not in control of your career 


You don't have a career strategy

You are just doing your work, day in and day out. No direction, no intentionality.


You're procrastinating

You don't know where to start or how to manage your career, so you do nothing, and that makes you feel even worse.


You gave up too quickly

One thing you've tried didn't work out so you immediately assumed you're not good enough, and you are not capable of achieving what you want. So you quit.


You're following old bad advice

"wait for your turn" may have worked for your grandma.  You need a modern strategy from people who've been where you're going.


You can't stay consistant

You have big dreams. You even make a plan, but after a week or a month you give up. You can't stay consistent, so you never get results.


Landing that raise or promotion you've always wanted!


Feeling confident. Knowing exactly what to do every single day to own your career 


Never having to rely on your boss or the company to drive your career forward

it's 100% possible!


career success 




This course will get you results!

Whether you want to…

  Keep leveling up and becoming a people manager

  Feel confident and proud of your achievements
  Be able to speak up and ask for what you want
  Earn more than what you thought was possible 

You can get the promotion or raise you deserve, you can find fulfillment, earn more and actually enjoy your 9 to 5 without working 60-hour weeks. 
I know it because I have done it and helped hundreds of people do the same. 

No matter where you are starting from, that can be true for you, too.
So – if you’re ready to start seeing real results in your career, you’re going to want to enroll in Career Success Secrets.

Immediately unlock:

The Secret to Constantly Leveling Up

Unlimited Career Opportunities

Increased Earning Potential

Lasting Confidence

Access to an Elite Club of Top Performers

Accelerated Career Path

Fulfillment in Your Work

What's Included in Career Success Secrets:

✅ The Full Career Success Secrets Curriculum ($997)
3 hours full of all the content and training you need to take control of your career and get the job, raise, or promotion you dream of.

✅ The Career Success Secrets workbook ($550)
63 pages of step-by-step guidelines and exercises to design your unique career strategy, manage your mindset and build success habits.

✅ The CEO Methodology ($2,500)

My proprietary framework that includes the success trifecta: Strategy, Mindset, and Systems
(most programs only focus on strategy)

✅ The promotion checklist ($579)

A step-by-step guide to your next promotion. From qualifying yourself for the role to getting buy-in from your manager, everything you need is in this checklist. 

✅ The confidence playbook for mere mortals (Priceless!)

The no-bullshit guide to dealing with self-doubt and imposter syndrome. 15 practical tools to build your confidence and manage your mindset that will make you unstoppable.

✅ The done-for-you career success tracker ($150)

A done-for-you career goals tracker so you can track your progress and stay accountable.

✅ The done-for-you LinkedIn outreach template ($97)

A done-for-you LinkedIn outreach template that will get anyone to answer your messages 

✅ The Growth Machine system ($399)

My secret process for becoming a lifelong learner and mastering any topic!


More than $5,272 in value for only $997

(Limited time offer)

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How to Become the CEO of Your Career:

My top 100 LinkedIn posts (with 18M+ views) filled with practical career advice to kick off your career transformation.

real talk...

You’re gonna have a job anyway, right?


So why stay stuck where you are,


When you can grow your career 10x faster, starting today?

If you start today, you can stop:

❌ Wasting time trying to rig the yearly performance review and still not getting the promotion you want.


❌ Waiting for your company to FINALLY realize your worth and offer you a raise (only to be disappointed. Again)  

❌ Looking at your life every December and realizing you made ZERO progress, and you're exactly where you started.

❌ Feeling lost, frustrated and lonely as you try to navigate corporate politics.

And you can start...

  Feeling like you know exactly where you are going.


✅  Feeling relaxed and confident, not anxious and frustrated

  Growing and improving

   Working less, but making a bigger impact!

   Qualifying yourself for a raise or a promotion

   Feeling confident.
       Ditch your limiting beliefs and become unstoppable


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You are not a tree. If you are unhappy or stuck, you can move!

You can stop sitting in the passenger side of your career and get into the driver's seat!
It doesn’t require an innate talent, infallible logic, or a magnetic personality.

All you need are three things: (I call it the C.E.O framework)

take control of your career

Clear Strategy
Empowering Mindset

Operating Systems

You need a step-by-step strategy so you know exactly what you need to do.

You need to manage your mindset so you can build confidence to take action.

And you need systems and processes to keep working towards your goals, consistently. 

This is what happens when you take control of your career and you follow The Career Success Secrets formula:

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matt qoute.png
WhatsApp Image 2022-05-18 at 11.36_edited.jpg

This could be you very soon...

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So really quick: Career Success Secrets is for you, if…

You're an ambitious professional who wants to level up.
You’re early in your career and you want to start strong.
You’ve been in the workforce for a while and you feel stuck.

You know you're meant for more, but you are not sure HOW to realize your dreams.
You know your self-doubt is holding you back and you want to ditch those limiting beliefs and unlock your potential
You feel alone, and you wish you had somewhere or someone to turn to when you have career challenges you need to overcome.


Sounds like you?

Career Success Secrets is designed to be your FULL support system to grow your career.

If you fully lean into the course, it’s going to be pretty impossible to fail – regardless of where you are starting from.

It’s time to take control of your career and own your future.

We spend 90,000 hours of our lives at work,
You do not deserve to spend this time miserable.


Hey, I'm Maya

Want the full story? Check the "about" section of my website 

In 2009 at the age of 28 I took a massive step back in my career.

After 7 years of working for the same company and making little progress, I felt STUCK.
I couldn’t take it anymore so I decided to make a big pivot and restart my career.


I decided to leave a successful global company with 400+ employees to go work for a startup with 5 people and no office. My family and friends thought I was making a big mistake.


It was a risk, but I wanted more out of my career and I was ready to do what it takes to make it happen.



I stopped waiting and hoping someone will help me grow my career, and took control.

I DECIDED what I wanted my career to look like, and I started making my dream a reality.


During the first 7 years of my career, I made little progress.

Once I started applying the Career Success Secrets:

- I got promoted less than a year into my new role without applying

- I became a people’s manager and had a team of 20

- I was promoted 10 times in 15 years

- I doubled my salary with every move

- I got to work for the best companies in the world! (Microsoft, Google)

- I helped produce a SuperBowl ad with Scarlett Johensen

- I met Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella


And I enjoyed my 9 to 5.



What changed when I made that career move in 2009?

I became the CEO of my own career.

I stopped relying on other people (my boss, my company, the economy) and started applying the Career Success Secrets 3-step framework:





When you have a step by step strategy, the mindset that gives you confidence and the systems to keep you consistent, you will become unstoppable. 

If you are ready to take control it’s time to become the CEO of your career.

I will be sharing dozens of secrets to help you level up, build a fulfilling career and earn more! 


Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll learn inside:

inside the course

module #1

Gain clarity about your goals: what do you really want? What’s your dream?



Learn to define a clear career destination: to see results you need to get laser-focused. This process will help you sum up your career goal in one simple yet clear sentence.



Make sure you avoid this massive mistake most people make: This mistake could cost you a few years of your career! When I’ll tell you what it is you won’t believe you missed it, because it is so simple, yet so impactful. 

Define your ICP: This one simple acronym is responsible for much of my career success. The Ideal Candidate Profile is how you start your journey to the top 1%.


Gain experience 10 times faster: Once I realized I didn’t have to follow someone else’s timeline for leveling up - I started making quantum leaps faster than anyone around me. Master this process and you’ll create your own timeline for leveling up.



The promotion checklist: This is how you guarantee your promotion. This step-by-step strategy helped me get promoted 10 times in 15 years without applying.



Build your career strategy! This step-by-step playbook will make you unstoppable. This is how we take the confusion, anxiety, and frustration out of career growth.

module #2

module #3

The Success Mindset: What’s holding you back is not your skill set, it’s your mindset. Once I started mastering my mindset I was able to make every dream come true and you would be able to do the same.



Build lasting confidence: No matter where you are starting from, you can build confidence. It’s a skill you can learn and develop and I’ll show you how.



Ditch limiting beliefs and crush imposter syndrome: with 70% of people experiencing feeling like a fraud, it’s safe to say imposter syndrome is a silent career killer. I will teach you how to manage your thoughts and feelings so they do not get in your way.



Apply the tried and true success routine: building a successful career requires constant practice, just like going to the gym. I’ll show you the weekly routine I’ve used in the past decade to keep myself accountable and grow my career.



Hack motivation: Motivation is garbage, it’s an unreliable resource that is never there when you need it. I’ll teach you what to use instead.

The Curriculum:


career success 




If you want to seriously boost your career in 2022

you need this course to make it happen…


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