• Maya Grossman

5 Things I Regret Doing Early in My Career:

1. Thinking in terms of "a job" not "a career"

For a long time, I didn't own my career path. I just drifted. I did everything and anything instead of developing specific skills that align with a profession.

2. Being a people pleaser

I was afraid I might upset someone, so I kept trying to make everyone happy by agreeing with them and becoming a yes man. The sad truth is that you can't make everyone happy. It's a mutt effort.

3. Waiting for other people to save me

I thought if I played the game and waited everything would work out. It didn't. I couldn't rely on my boss/company to drive my success, I had to create my own opportunities.

4. Putting my needs last

I couldn't bring myself to ask for anything, even small things like a descent chair or access to software I needed. I thought asking for something that wasn't given to me would look greedy.

5. Not advocating for myself

I thought showcasing my work was vain. I thought I should stay humble and wait for someone to notice me, and even then, I shouldn't take too much credit.

I regret these mistakes because initially they held me back, but I'm also glad I made them, because I learned valuable lessons.

What have you learned from your mistakes?

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