• Maya Grossman

A person with no experience could have huge potential

A person with no experience could have huge potential.

There is only one problem -

It's hard to see potential... so candidates must make it easy for hiring managers to see it!

I once hired an aspiring marketer with NO experience over a candidate with 5 years of experience.

This is what they did to make me see their potential:

1. They researched the industry, the company and the role. They used the right marketing terminology, they knew what my competitors were doing and they were familiar with every one of our clients and the campaigns we ran for them

2. They knew they didn't have all the experience they needed (yet) but instead of making excuses or promises, they showed me an actionable plan: They started an online course to cover the basics & they found a mentor for everything else

3. They did a really good job explaining why many of the skills they acquired in their previous jobs (not marketing related) were transferable

4. They were passionate! They wanted this job more than anything & they were willing to work for it

5. During the interview they came up with more creative ideas than any other candidate (I attribute this to their passion & preparation).

Potential can get you hired, but only if you make the hiring manager see it.

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