• Maya Grossman

5 Pieces of Career Advice I Wish I Had Early In My Career:

1. You are not your job

I used to think my value was derived from my title. When something went wrong at work, my self-esteem hit the floor.

Your value = who you are and what you believe in, not your job.

2. You can define what your success looks like

I believed there was only one way to define success: you move up the corporate ladder, get the title & the money.


Success is what you want it to be, whatever makes you happy & fulfilled, not what society deems as "worthy".

3. It's more important to get the right things done, than it is to get more things done

I thought if I do more than anyone else I'll win.


It's better to do less, but focus on the things that impact the business, your life or your career.

4. You can create your own opportunities

I thought I was supposed to be patient and wait for my turn to get what I wanted.


You have the power to create opportunities for yourself. You don't need to wait for your manager, a company or a client to give it to you.

5. You really need to build a network

I never paid attention to people, just kept my head down and worked. Big mistake.

Your network can change the trajectory of your career. Build one!

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