• Maya Grossman

How to Get Promoted 10 Times in 15 Years

I've never asked for a promotion. Never applied to get one.

Yet, I was promoted 10 times in 15 years.

I'm not special, I just did the one thing most people don't do:

I created these opportunities for myself.

I didn't wait for the yearly review or for my manager to notice


I decided what I wanted to do next and created

opportunities to qualify myself for the role.


By doing the work I'll be expected to do BEFORE I got the promotion.


You can do the same thing:

1. Decide what you want to do next - a new role, a different title, a new company

2. List the skills and the experiences you will need to get there

3. Identify your gaps

4. Create opportunities to gain that experience and close the gap

Want to be a manager? Mentor others, design new processes, take some of your manager's responsibilities

Want to move vertically? Initiate a cross functional project, intern for the team you want to join (in your spare time)

Want more strategic work? Get to know the company inside out and find ways to improve processes, save money or generate revenue

You don't need anyone's permission but your own to build the career of your dreams.

Want more ideas on how to create your own opportunities? Navigate to the resources tab and download the career roadmap toolkit.

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