• Maya Grossman

How to Stand Out in Your First 30 Days, Even Remotely

On my first day as VP of Marketing, I brought a box of cookies I baked and left it on the kitchen table.

One by one team members dropped by to introduce themselves & thank me for the (amazing!) cookies. That's how I left my mark at a new job...

It's more challenging these days, cookies don't travel well virtually, but you can still do a few things to stand out:

1) Proactive onboarding: spend the days leading up to your new job learning about the company. Invest in extensive research to understand the business & the industry. It will allow you to ask better questions, give informed feedback and hit the ground running.

2) Networking: set up virtual dates with team members. Don't wait to be invited, be proactive, this is exactly what will set you apart. Follow up with a thank you note & mention what you've learned from the conversation.

3) Speak up: as a new employee you have a fresh perspective as you haven't drank the kool aid (yet). Use it! Don't shy away because you are new, speak up and present your perspective! If you are not sure how your team would respond to feedback, frame your observations as questions.

4) Ask your manager how & how often they want you to update them. Save them from wondering what you are doing and earn their trust.

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