• Maya Grossman

How to Start a Career in Marketing

If I had to start my career in marketing right now

without any experience, this is what I would do:

1. Google "most common marketing jobs" and research

different marketing roles (don't skip this stage. Marketing roles are radically different).

Choose the 2-3 roles that get me excited.

2. Learn about the top role on that list: read articles, listen

to podcasts, follow influencers. Invest 20-30 hours to get

familiar with the role.

3. Interview professionals who are currently doing the role

I'm interested in, to learn what their day to day actually looks like.

4. If I like what I hear, start doing the work.

Build a project that will allow me to go from theory to


SEO: build my own website & figure out how to drive traffic

PMM: design a launch campaign for a real product

[Tip: I'll choose a company I want to work for and use this project to get their attention]

5. Gain experience by working for free:

- Help a small business or a startup in my area

- Ask my friends/family/LinkedIn community if they need my services

5. After I do the above - start applying for marketing roles

You can take every online class and read every book, but nothing will make you a better marketer than actually doing the work!

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