• Maya Grossman

How to Suck Less

I moderated a panel last week and I sucked.

seriously. It wasn't pretty.

I've waited 5 months to feel confident enough to speak about this

topic, I prepared for it, wrote down my answers

and yet, it wasn't my best performance.


I spoke publicly dozens of times before...

this should have been a walk in the park.

Here is the thing, much of my confidence comes from knowing

the topic inside and out.

This was a new topic in my arsenal. So I fumbled a little.

It's the same with your career.

No matter how senior your role

No matter how much experience you acquire,

there will always be something new you've never done before.

Something you may suck at so badly at first,

you'll feel like quitting.


If you just get through those few uncomfortable firsts

you'll get better.

You'll learn.

And you'll grow.

If you quit, you'll never know whom you could have become.

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