• Maya Grossman

If You Want Something You've Never Had, You've Got to Do Something You've Never Done

When I was the Head of Digital Marketing at SodaStream my manager asked me to do something I have never done before: build an e-commerce website. From scratch.

You can imagine what happened next...

I freaked out.

I had no idea what to do or how to start.

This task was way out of my comfort zone.

But here is the thing:

If you want something you've never had, you've got to do something you've never done.

It is hard and scary to take that first step, but that's all it takes; one step in the right direction.

This is what you can do to tackle big audacious tasks:

1. Get the lay of the land - do some high level research & talk to professional in your industry

2. Reverse engineer the big task - map out the different stages and identify the first thing you need to do [E-commerce website --> UI/UX and design --> payment system --> website development provider --> CMS platform]

3. Focus on that 1st task - do a Google search ["best CMS platform], read a book, listen to podcasts. Immerse yourself in this new territory to ace the first task

4. Execute & learn from your mistakes

5. Rinse & repeat

99% of what you need to do is figureoutable. The key is to focus on small digestible tasks so it is less intimidating to take the first step!

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