• Maya Grossman

No More Ghosting

Want to get anyone to answer your emails or messages?

There is a simple formula that works for me every time.

All you need to do is remember 3 things:

1. Write like you talk

No formalities or fluff. Pretend you are talking to a friend and use the same tone.

2. Make it personal

I don't mean make it about you, make it about them.

Don't send out generic messages, write a note that clearly demonstrates you know the person you are approaching and you appreciate them.

3. Make it easy for them to say yes

First, make your ask very clear. Don't say "I want to pick your brain". Instead explain exactly what you hope to learn: " I would love to get your advice about the transition from an IC to a manager".

Second, make the "how" very clear, don't give them options, don't wait for them to make a suggestion, and don't be vague: "can we jump on a 30 min call when you are available?"

The goal here is to get someone to understand exactly what it would take to help you and make a yes/no decision on the spot.

If I was able to get 3 of my husband's idols (best selling authors and well known gurus) to shoot a video for my wedding (true story) using this formula, you can get hiring managers and industry experts to engage with you.

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