• Maya Grossman

Preparation is Everything!

How much time do you spend preparing for an interview?

Whatever that time is, you need to double it.

I think about interviews the same way I think about keynotes: I have to make an impact.

You can have all the knowledge in the world and still suck on stage, because you are not prepared, and interviews are no different.

Next time you need to prepare for an important interview try doing what I do when I prepare for a keynote:

1. Write down the questions you think you'll be asked. Do a Google search for "interview questions for [role]".

2. Use a few bullet points to write down your answers based on what you know and what the Google search brought up.

3. Start practicing: read the question and try to answer without looking at your notes. After every question check if you remembered everything. If you go over these questions 4-5 times you will remember them.

4. Next, ask a friend, parent, partner to do a mock interview where they hold the answers and check your accuracy.

5. When you feel ready, record yourself on Zoom to see how confident you look and check if you need to change anything.

This process takes time but it is worth it! It will boost your confidence and take some of the pressure off.

And after a few times, you'll be a pro.

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