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The Best Career Growth Weekly Routine

A few weeks ago I wrote about treating my career like I was a professional athlete: Ten years ago I started treating my career like a professional athlete. Instead of trying to find that one thing that will make me successful I built a process that allows me to train daily and stay in top “career shape”. It radically transformed my mindset, growth, and level of success. Think about it this way: You can’t run 5k once and expect to make it through a marathon. You need to practice consistently to see lasting results. Your career is the same. If you really want to see massive growth, You need to turn career development into a habit. After I shared this post I got this question:

Let's unpack how you can incorporate "practice" when it comes to your career. First, you need to know what you are going to work on. Like going to the gym it's not enough to think "I'll work out". You need to get specific. Do you want to work on strength? cardio? maybe flexibility? The same goes for your career. Do you need to learn new skills? Which ones? Are you pivoting or getting into a new industry? The first step is to get specific about what you are trying to achieve: 1. Write down your goals: Take the time to think about your career destination. What role or discipline are you trying to grow in? List the skills you are trying to improve. Next, you'll need to break these high-level goals into simple, bite-sized tasks. 2. Create a career growth to-do list: Big goals = procrastination. Instead of trying to achieve massive progress at once, break big goals into smaller digestible tasks you can accomplish in just a few hours. For example, break down a massive goal like "getting public speaking experience" into:

  • Choose a topic to talk about

  • Write speaking points

  • Get feedback from friends/colleagues

  • Find opportunities to speak in front of an audience

  • Write a pitch email

3. Now that you have a repository of tasks you need to build your routine. Here is what I have been doing for more than a decade: 1. Sunday: 30 min to plan the week and track progress (download my career tracker) 2. Mon/Wed/Fri: 30 min learning (podcast, reading) 3. Tue/Thu: 30 min - 1 hour working on career tasks 4. Saturday: 1 hour of learning (Newsletters, books, podcasts) + Once a month: Review my career goals and brainstorm new opportunities. I schedule this time on my calendar to keep myself accountable. You can start with just once or twice a week and work your way up to a daily practice.

This is what practicing career growth looks like. Sounds like a lot? Maybe... but I'm willing to bet if you check your phone to see how much time you spend on social media you'll realize you have the time, it's just a matter of choosing how to spend it. If you choose to practice career growth, this is what you'll get in return:

1% growth per day = 37x better by end of the year. (here's the math behind that growth)

Most people NEVER grow this much in a lifetime! This is the ultimate career leverage and it's FREE! It's time you started practicing career success.

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