• Maya Grossman

The Career Advice I never Received

Here are four pieces of #careeradvice I wish I could give my younger self:

1. If the work you are doing is not challenging or fulfilling, if you dread going to work every day, move on. You will have a better chance of growing your career when you are actually excited about the company and what they do.

2. Connect with everyone at your company. Whether they are your peers, colleagues or managers, invest in building relationships. This is the fastest most useful way to learn about the company and create opportunities for yourself.

3. Invest in your continued learning. There is no curriculum for your job and more often that not, no one will tell you what you need to learn. It's on you to make sure you stay up to date and at the top of your game. Invest in learning.

4. Create your own opportunities. Don't wait for anyone to give you a chance, you'll be waiting for a while. Create your own luck by identifying and solving problems, speak up, work cross functionally, help your manager. Be a proactive opportunity differ - look for ways to add value.

I learned these lessons through trial and error. Every advice you see here is a result of a mistake I made early on.

What advice would you give your younger self?

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