• Maya Grossman

The Invaluable Mindset!

They hired me to do social media,

I built a growth plan & helped grow our customer base 5x.

They hired me to lead Digital Marketing,

I built an eCommerce website & grew online sales by 40%.

They hired me to do executive communications,

I built a go-to-market plan that positioned us as industry leaders.

This is what happens when you adopt an owner's mindset.

You realize your job description is just a starting point, and

your goal is to help the company succeed in any way you can.

How do you develop an owner's mindset?

1. Know the business:

- Understand the business model and how the different units operate.

- Dive into the financials (pricing, revenue, costs)

2. Do more with less

- Experiment to create a case for your plan

- Start small to show results

- Think outside the box and look for creative ways to achieve your goals

3. Go beyond your job description

- Take the initiative, don't wait to be asked.

- Use your skills to deliver the most value to the company even if you are not "supposed" to do it (with and sometimes without permission)

This is the best way I know to grow your career.

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