• Maya Grossman

The Power of "Yet"

Me: "I can't do it"

My husband: "You are probably right"

Me: "??!!"

My husband: "Yet".

"You probably can't do it yet"

This is a conversation we had when I was considering my first executive role.

I was about to make a #career leap and I felt insecure.

Instead of telling me how awesome I was my husband did something different:

1. He acknowledged it's possible I wasn't 100% ready

2. He made it clear no one is ever 100% ready

(Imagine the most impressive executive you know personally. Do you think 5 years ago they were ready for the job they have right now? - the answer was "no")

3. He helped me put together a plan to alleviate some of the fear

(Find a mentor, join a community of executives like you, find an ally in the company)

Surprisingly, this approach was way more effective than telling me "You've got this".

Instead of relying on my ability to convince myself I'm

awesome (which is hard to do when you have imposter

syndrome) I relied on my ability to take action to solve this problem.

Whether you are just getting started or moving up, doubting

yourself is natural.

Acknowledge your fear so it no longer has power over you

and remind yourself it's a temporary situation.

You are not ready YET -

But you'll get there!

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