• Maya Grossman

This is How You Choose a Company to Work For

At 22 I worked for a travel agency and still lived at home.

I was always in on time until one day the craziest thing


I went hiking with friends on a Sunday.

We were 30 min away from the city because I knew I had a

shift at 4pm.

Half way through the hike we got stuck behind a group of

highschool kids trying to pass a narrow path that required

them to slide down one by one.

It took hours! By the time we started sliding down I knew I

was late. I didn't have cell reception but I could see it was 5:30pm.

I ran to the end of the hiking trail and as I reached the

parking lot my phone started pinging like crazy.

I had more than 50 messages from my family and my boss.

I immediately drove to work only to find two of the owners at

the office. One of them filled in for me, and the other was

heading the search team!

They knew I was a responsible employee, so when I didn't

show up and my parents couldn't reach me, they took it

upon themselves to set up a search team.

When I walked in, they were not mad, they were relieved.

They both hugged me and suggested that I go home to rest.

Who does that?

I stayed with the company for 7 years.

If you want to enjoy going to work everyday find a company that treats you like that.

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