• Maya Grossman

5 Practical Ways To Manage Imposter Syndrome

One of the scariest moments in my career:

My first day as a VP.

I kept thinking someone was going to find out that I'm a fraud and ask me to leave.

I had more than a decade of experience, and I was scared.

I believed I was a great marketer, and I was still scared.

My anxiety flared up and it was getting hard to breathe.

Want to know why I'm not embarrassed to share this story?

Because I want you to know that if you feel this way - there's nothing wrong with you. Imposter syndrome is more common than the flu (I checked the numbers).

The problem is, very few people talk about it.

We focus on sharing the wins and the Instagramable photos, not the dark moments of anxiety and fear.

Let's change that.

In this keynote I did for the CMO Alliance I share 5 practical ways to work through imposter syndrome and regain confidence.

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