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Everyone wants a successful career.
Very few people achieve it.

On average only 9% of people get promoted...

This program will teach you how to become one of the few who level up through the corporate ranks. It is designed to empower high achievers who want to feel fulfilled and challenged, and earn high 6 figures while building their legacy.

Career hypergrowth doesn't happen by mistake.

It happens when you upgrade your mindset, execute the right strategy, and build systems for rapid growth.

The problem is no one taught you how to do it... 

Does this sound familiar?


 You work crazy hours to accomplish more, you're doing all the "right" things, but not growing your career fast enough. You keep making lateral moves and you don't know why.

 You have ambitious career goals. You want to get to the C suite but you have no idea what it would actually take to get to the next level in your career. You have no guidance or support team.

 If you just had a bit more confidence you could really show them who you are and get that raise / promotion / recognition you deserve.

 You despise office politics and stakeholder management feels like an impossible task. You hate feeling like a pushy salesman so you never advocate for yourself and the result is having no visibility or influence no matter what you do. 


 Your friends and family don’t understand your ambitious goals and sometimes that makes you feel bad for wanting more. Chasing your dreams gets pretty lonely.


There's a better way.



 A 6 months career acceleration program for high achieving executives who are ready to:

Stop working more hours and start working smarter: more isn’t always better. You need to think strategically and focus on work that moves the needle.


Get seen, get heard and be perceived as the high performer you are: build a killer reputation that opens doors and gets you a seat at the table.


Continuously level up and be recognized for your potential: Qualify yourself for the next level in your career BEFORE you get there to grow personally and professionally.


Build a career and life you love on your terms: cast your career vision, level up, make an impact, and design the career of your dreams. 


Life changing results:

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Matt has been waiting for a promotion for 2 years! Then his company went through a reorg so the promotion seemed further than ever.

6 weeks later - he got the promotion and became a people's manager. Instead of waiting and hoping he used this opportunity to make his case for a promotion and got it! 

I secured a promotion from my current company and I'm getting my first direct report, earlier than expected. I can't believe everything happened so quickly once I took control of my career and started taking action.

Matt Stocco, Sr. Product Marketing manager

Nurit was dealing with a micromanager who didn't appreciate her initiative and wouldn't support her career growth.

After months of ignoring the situation, she took action and transitioned to a new team. A few months after the move she was offered a promotion when the new manager recognized her potential. 

I didn’t even ask for the promotion! They offered it to me just 6 months into this new role. They said they can see that I’m ready for the next level, and that I’ll make a bigger impact on the organization as a leader. I’m so grateful Maya. You changed my life.

Nurit Traistman, Program lead


If you know you haven’t reached your highest potential yet, there’s a spot waiting for you in my executive career acceleration program.

This is an opportunity to grow your career 10x faster, earn what you're worth, make a bigger impact, and actually enjoy your work.

It's time to to take control and become the CEO of your career.

Follow a proven playbook for leveling up in the executive suite that doesn’t require you to get an MBA, build a massive network or work 80-hour weeks.

Use simple tools to plan, execute and track your career growth goals. Build them once and use them for the rest of your career so you can grow your career while you sleep.

Strengthen your mindset and become unstoppable. Overcome fears, stop procrastinating and build lasting confidence.

Work smarter not harder. Think strategically so you can do less, but achieve more.


This program takes the complexity and overwhelm out of growing your executive career 

Step by-step playbook

Group coaching to drive accountability

Office hours and Q&A for hands-on support

Plug and play tools & templates

1:1 coaching to create your tailored roadmap

Lifetime access to two of my highly-ranked career development courses


A signed copy of my best selling book: Invaluable

The First 90 Days playbook: everything you need to crush a new role

Access to The Vault: My collection of corporate & leadership templates 

The Confidence Playbook For Mere Mortals  

julia c.jpeg

Julia was crushing it at work, but she couldn't see herself growing to the next level in her career. Following our 1:1 coaching sessions to build up her confidence and remove her limiting beliefs she not only secured the promotion but actually negotiated the offer and got what she wanted!

My CMO got back to me and I got exactly what I asked for! With this promotion, I have over 4Xed my salary and made it from intern to AVP in 8 years which is pretty damn amazing. I'm not sure if I would've had the confidence to do this so easily without your playbook.

Julia Cantuária, AVP, Product Marketing

Raven was considering changing employers but she was afraid to make a move that could set her back. She assumed changing employers means making a lateral move. After working together she gained the confidence to go for what she wanted and negotiated a future promotion into her new offer.

I received a new job offer and was able to negotiate the terms for a salary raise in 6 months along with a favorable title. I keep thinking about all the times I could've used these skills sooner in my career. Now that I have them, I'm seeing significant traction in my career, partly because no one else is doing this! The playbook is the step-by-step template for leveling up, and working with Maya is the sprinkle on top.

Raven Wilson, Social Media Strategist


Alin has always been a high achiever. He worked tirelessly to add value but that wasn't always enough.

Once he learned to focus on outcomes, prioritize his time, advocate for himself and ask for what he wanted - new doors opened up quickly.

I got asked by the head of my department to interim lead a team and work side by side on things that move the needle because I followed your playbook and started taking things off the plate and had the courage to voice exactly what I see myself doing next. I also got asked by the manager of my program to interim lead the team I was an individual contributor in, before people who were more senior than myself, all of this in just weeks apart from discussing it!

Alin Banță, Team Lead

Michal Gmail.png

".My experience working with Maya allowed me to shift my mindset from having a hands-on marketer perspective into a CMO mindset, so I could lead marketing with confidence. I highly recommend booking a consultation with her."
Michal Lasman, Head of Product Marketing

"..Maya helped me start a new role with a bang, deliver valuable quick wins, and build strong relationships with my colleagues. By sharing her experience-honed processes she’s enabled me to accelerate faster than I could have imagined. She’s also given me the tools and confidence to take precise aim at my career aspirations."
Matt Francis, Data Science Manager

Matt Francsis.jpeg

"Maya knows how to help you both identify your talents and zone in on your aspirations. She then works with you to combine the two to pave a path that is achievable yet grounded. 
Her insights were invaluable in growing my career."

Sharon Langer, Director of Marketing

"Maya is one of the most down-to-earth, genuine, and empathetic coaches I’ve ever worked with. Her pragmatic approach coupled with her vast experience in the industry turns every session into a series of practical recipes for success. I highly recommend Maya to anyone looking to take their career to the next level."
Vlada Alexandrov, Director of Global Marketing


"When I met Maya I was faced with internal challenges as a leader navigating through a corporate environment. Maya helped me analyze the situation, outline my options and take action to overcome those obstacles. I would highly recommend working with Maya if you have ambitious career goals."
Kobi Levi, Director of Support and QA

What if this was your career...

  • You have a career vision that excites you and gives you energy.

  • You wake up every morning knowing exactly what you need to do to keep growing and achieve your goals. You are not stressed or overwhelmed, you are focused and calm.

  • Because you work smarter, your work is seen and valued. You make a bigger impact without working crazy hours, and the more value you add, the more valuable you become.

  • You keep getting bonuses and raises without even asking and your earning potential is constantly increasing.


  • Your work fuels your life, and your life fuels your work. You have amazing synergy and you don’t feel guilty when you take time for yourself.


  • You have more confidence than ever, and you know, you can achieve anything you want in your career - so you go for it!

You are one step away from the career of your dreams. 

It’s time to stop working harder and start working smarter.

Join like-minded high-achieving executives who are taking control of their careers and designing their own journeys.

This program will take you from where you are today to where you want to be in your wildest dreams.
Make quantum leaps in your career, earn high 6-figures and build a fulfilling 9-5.

The next level in your career starts today!

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A 6-month executive career acceleration program to help you make quantum leaps in your career, earn high 6 figures, and actually enjoy your 9-5.

Everything you'll get when you become a Success Builder


1:1 executive coaching with me: we’ll meet every other week to work on your personal plan. You’ll get a tailored roadmap to support your unique goals and build on your strength. We’ll also work on your mindset and work through your daily challenges.

Weekly group mastermind coaching call: Every week we’ll discuss 1% career growth strategies, work on mindset shifts, share success stories, as well as run core trainings for the program.

Open hours and Q&A sessions: every other week you’ll have an opportunity to join me in the hot seat and ask me anything. 


Private community of high achievers: You’ll become part of an elite group of high-achieving executives who are as ambitious as you. You’ll find accountability buddies, inspiration, and motivation to fuel your career growth. You will never feel alone in your career again.

Full access to my flagship courses:
Career Success Secrets: the most comprehensive career development program in the industry. It covers the strategy, mindset, and systems required to grow your career. From creating a career vision to overcoming imposter syndrome and creating success habits - everything you'll ever need is packaged in this course.

The Promotion Accelerator: The ultimate playbook for leveling up. The exact formula I used to get 10 promotions in 15 years and help my clients get promoted again and again.

These transformational pre-recorded courses are ranked 4.9/5 (yes, they are that good!). You can learn at your own pace, and choose what to work on and when, but I'll also provide a personalized recommendation based on your goals

Plug and Play templates: I don't want you to waste time creating PowerPoint presentations or struggling with spreadsheets. Every tracker, document, or email you'll need to grow your career is available for you so you can easily execute and see results.



A signed copy of my best-selling book: Invaluable - Master the 10 Skills You Need to Skyrocket Your Career.
This unconventional business book will help you develop the soft skills that are required to future-proof your career and make you an invaluable employee. 


Access to The Vault: my private collection of business and leadership templates. From team development to business reporting - everything I used while working for companies like Microsoft and Google to deliver outstanding results.


The First 90 Days: My playbook for kick-starting a new role and setting yourself up for success. Clients who used this playbook were approached about promotion within their first 90 days!


The Confidence Playbook For Mere Mortals: 15 tools and processes to overcome imposter syndrome, ditch your fears and build confidence. One of these techniques allowed me to conquer my own fears and negotiate a $50,000 raise.

You are one decision away from your dream career.

Do you want to look back next December and realize you are exactly where you started? 

Do you want to work crazy hours without additional compensation?
Do you want to keep making lateral moves?


I know you don’t.

Everyone wants to level up, make more money and enjoy what they do.

Very few people are willing to do what it takes.

If you are ready to join the 1% of professionals who are crushing it, it’s time to take action. 

Hey. I'm Maya.

Before I became a Career Success Coach and Best-Selling Author I spent 15 years in the corporate world growing from an individual contributor to a 2xVP,  achieving 10 promotions in 15 years, working for Microsoft and Google, 10x my salary, and building my own success.

After years of trial and error, I learned how to navigate the corporate world and level up into executive roles. I want to save you time, money, and heartache and give you the playbook. 


I designed Success Builders to give you the best of all worlds. Personalized 1:1 coaching for clarity and focus, group coaching to motivate you and keep you accountable, and a content library to give you the knowledge, strategy, and tools for implementation. You will achieve in 6 months what takes most people 6 years.


My goal is to help you get the best ROI for your time and effort, remove ambiguity and stress, and make growing your career an exciting journey. 

I want you to build a career and life you love, on your terms while making high 6 figures.


Because you deserve it!

Become a Success Builder

6 payments of $2100

  • 1:1 coaching with Maya

  • Weekly live career success group coaching sessions

  • Dedicated membership site with all session recordings

  • Private community for high achievers 

  • Lifetime access to 2x flagship courses

  • Plug-and-play tools and templates

  • A signed copy of my best-selling book: Invaluable

  • Access to The Vault

  • The First 90 Days Playbook

  • The Confidence Playbook For Mere Mortals

1 payment of $10,000

  • 1:1 coaching with Maya

  • Weekly live career success group coaching sessions

  • Dedicated membership site with all session recordings

  • Private community for high achievers 

  • Lifetime access to 2x flagship courses

  • Plug-and-play tools and templates

  • A signed copy of my best-selling book: Invaluable

  • Access to The Vault

  • The First 90 Days Playbook

  • The Confidence Playbook For Mere Mortals


  •  $2600 discount included (compared to payment plan)

  • Personal Branding Session with Maya (I'll help you create your personal brand and positioning in the corporate world to turn you into an opportunity magnet)

Building a successful career is hard enough. 

You don’t have to do it alone.

I will guide you every step of the way.

I’ll keep you accountable, and I’ll kick your butt when it’s necessary... but I will also be your biggest cheerleader.

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