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Next Promotion 

Just 5 simple steps!
Get the exact playbook I’ve used to gain 10 promotions in 15 years, grow from an IC to a VP, and make high 6-figures.

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What Career Development Experts are Saying About This Course

Megan Bowen

Reno Perry

Dave Kline

Adam Broda

Founder, Broda Coaching

COO @ Refine Labs & Co-Host of Talent Destination Podcast

Founder, MGMT Accelerator & SkillScouter

Co-Founder & CEO, Wiseful

"In so many cases it’s those who find ways to exceed expectations and not simply meet them who get promoted. Maya designed a strategic process that allows you to exceed expectations without burning out. It’s a strategy any professional should follow to build a meaningful career." 

"Few people understand that you need to optimize for impact not effort if you want to get promoted. Maya has mastered this process and systemized it to level the playing field and give every ambitious professional the unfair advantage they deserve."

"The bar you're aiming for is "inevitable." You want leadership thinking, "if I don't promote this person, they're going to leave," because you're so darn valuable. That’s exactly what will happen if you apply what you learn in Maya’s course."

"If you're someone looking to get a promotion, raise, and grow in your career, I would definitely recommend The Promotion Accelerator. Leveling up is simple, but not easy. You can save yourself months and years of trial and error by taking Maya's course. It's a no-brainer for the price."

The Promotion Accelerator

The fastest way to create a foolproof promotion plan and make your next promotion inevitable

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* Available starting January 2023

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What's Inside The Course?

1. Create a repeatable process for leveling up

Use an easy-to-follow step-by-step playbook to consistently qualify yourself for the next level in your career before your company thinks you are ready.


2. Get your manager onboard

Learn how to make your manager your biggest advocate with conversation scripts and email templates.

3. Use human psychology to manage your top stakeholders  

People promote people. Learn how to build trust and gain influence, so you’ll have a handful of allies who are excited to speak on your behalf.


4. Consistently increase your earning potential

The more value you create, the more valuable you become. Learn how to generate off-the-charts ROI and make every salary negotiation go in your favor.

5. Build systems to automate growth & stay consistent

Leverage the simple system I learned at Google to easily track your wins and demonstrate your progress.

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6. Get seen and heard 

Learn how to advocate for yourself without feeling pushy. Get my proprietary process for doing Invisible PR.

7. Make the promotion inevitable

Use my foolproof business case template to highlight your achievements and position your promotion as the best next step for the company.

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8. Gain an unfair advantage

Leverage my secret resource for a slam dunk promotion. It’s the one thing most people never think about, and it can make or break your promotion.

“The templates alone make this course a must for professionals looking to level up their careers.
Maya really cares, and that shines through. She gives you a proven methodology for reaching your objectives & shares foolproof tools to get you there.”

Amanda Fleising

Sr. Director Marketing & Communications 

Guarantee Your Next Promotion

For $149

Just 90 minutes

21 actionable lessons

Done-for you templates

Unbelievable ROI

* Available starting January 2023

All The "Done-For-You" Templates You Need


The Promotion Playbook: The step-by-step guidelines and tactics to secure your next promotion.

The Manager Conversation Email Templates & Scripts: The exact script to discuss a promotion with your manager and get their support.

The Social CRM: A ready-made tracking system to help you manage your relationships with stakeholders.


The Promotion Tracker: A ready-made KPI tracking system to help you capture wins and track your progress.

The Promotion Business Case Template: Executive level template to demonstrate your achievements and make your case for a promotion.

A Proven Program That Gets You Results!

What's The ROI of This Course?

Here is an example from one of my students:


ROI = 6666.67%

Is The Promotion Accelerator For You?

Who is this for?

The promotion accelerator is for ambitious professionals who want to continuously level up their careers, feel fulfilled and challenged, and earn high 6 figures.
This course is designed to help high achievers accelerate their career growth & build a successful career, on their terms.


As an added bonus, the promotion playbook can also be used to take the stress out of the yearly performance review and help you totally crush it.

Who shouldn't get this course

If you have been landing promotions right and left and you have a proven process to continuously grow your career, you probably don’t need this course. 

This playbook is designed to empower ambitious professionals to grow their careers faster, make a bigger impact in their 9-5 and leave a legacy. What I teach is not a hack or a way to trick the system. You can’t just BS your way to a promotion, you need to work on it. If you are not interested in putting in the time and effort, this is not for you.

You don't need to work harder, you need to work smarter!

Make your next promotion inevitable with The Promotion Accelerator course

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